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Let your creativity rule. Discover the new Bed Head Professional ‘Artistic Edit’

Bed Head was born from a desire to do things differently, fuelled by a passionate ambition to push boundaries to the limit, creating bold products for people without style restraints and, in the process, ignoring and breaking rules to create a new understanding of hair.

As Bed Head co-founder, Anthony Mascolo has repeatedly said: ‘We couldn’t find the products we wanted, so we created them ourselves!’
That initial integrity remains today, defined by Bed Head’s strong commitment to creative progression and the hairdressing profession, as well as every individual who uses the products.

Available only to professional hairstylists, Bed Head has launched an exclusive new range, Artistic EditTM, encompassing the expertise, experience, passion, and artistry of Anthony Mascolo and his award-winning team, whose members have consulted, tested and used the products in their world-class education programs, hair shows, and photographic collections. Their broad knowledge has been used to help develop the new range.

As the name implies, Bed Head Artistic EditTM has been designed for the true artist within every hairdresser, providing the perfect tools to push experimentation and express inner creativity.

Selected from Bed Head’s best performing products, the new, compact kit bag of six stylers, unleashes endless creative possibilities. Used individually you’ll immediately see the power of these amazing products, but to better understand their full potential you need to be experimental: mix products together and you’ll see you can achieve your own unique, customized results.

And that is why we’ve decided to make this range exclusive to you, the professional hairdresser, because you are the expert, understand our philosophy, love the power to create your own cocktails, understand what products work best on different hair types, and know how to achieve your desired final result. It’s time to get artistic!

New Bed Head Artistic EditTM will change the way you style hair. So embrace your inner artistry and show the world what styling hair with no limits truly means.