HOW TO GET: Voluminous Curls

HOW TO GET: Voluminous Curls

Products Used

HOW TO GET: Voluminous Curls - Get The Look

How To

Voluminous Curls Step 1

Step 1

Apply WANNA GLOWTM and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

Voluminous Curls Step 2

Step 2

Apply FOXY CURLSTM to add support and hold to the hair.

Voluminous Curls Step 3

Step 3

Starting at the nape, wrap small strands, section by section around the index finger.

Voluminous Curls Step 4

Step 4

Blast the hair with the drier to loosen up the roots and create an effortless feel.

Voluminous Curls Step 5

Step 5

Backcomb the roots with a wide-tooth comb to add extra volume.

Voluminous Curls Step 6

Step 6

Spray HARD HEADTM to secure the finished look.


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