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Creativity & Inspiration – A talk with Charlotte Mensah

Bed Head has always championed creativity and recognized technical expertise. Now for the launch of the new Bed Head professional-exclusive range, ARTISTIC EDIT TM, we demonstrate these values, as we partner with like-minded hairdressers.

To discover the possibilities that the new professional product range affords, we worked with the highly talented hairdresser, Charlotte Mensah. Three-times British Hairdressing Awards winner, Charlotte has been placed in the British Hall of Fame and is an amazing artist with expertise in multi-textured hair. To see how this exceptionally skilled creator uses the new products on different hair types and achieves different end results, allowed us to appreciate further the vast possibilities of ARTISTIC EDIT.

We are honored to share with you an insight into Charlotte’s career journey, what’s inspiring her now, how she finds inspiration, and her current focus on giving tomorrow’s successful hairdressers the platform to develop their skills and their craft.

See what happens when you Let your Creativity rule…



Bed Head Canada is pushing creative boundaries to rework its look! For product information, visit https://www.bedhead.com/us/. Check back soon for updates!


Bed Head Canada repousse les limites de la créativité pour repenser son apparence ! Pour des informations sur les produits, rendez-vous sur https://www.bedhead.com/us/. Revenez bientôt pour les mises à jour!